The CMC began as the Combined Car Clubs of WA (Inc), which grew out of the first “Classic Car Concours” held in 1969 where five clubs ran the event together. By 1973 twenty one clubs were involved and in 1976 it was decided that the loose association of clubs should become more formally organised.

By this time as many as 200 cars were displayed at the annual Concours event, organised each year by the club which had won “Best Display” the previous year.

In 1977 it was decided that a Trial Calendar of events in which all clubs could participate would be organised. Clearly it was a success, because in 1978 a calendar of nine events was arranged, including six competition driving events and three social events. The events were:

                  February 1977  Night Rally,          Triumph Sports Owners Assoc                     22 cars

                  March 1977        Concours,             Vintage Automobile Association                                 100+ cars

                  April 1977            Economy Run,    Daimler Lanchester Owners Club             20 cars

                  May 1977             Daylight Rally,   Classic Jaguar Club                                              15 cars

                  June 1977            Museum Visit & Novelty Gymkhana, Studebaker Club  67 cars

                  August 1977       Hillclimb               Alfa Romeo Owners Club                                 34 cars

Aside from what has become the Classic Car Show, a Quiz Night is the only annual event which remains to this day.

The Combined Car Clubs Association went from strength to strength and in 1984 a Constitution was designed, a Committee elected and Incorporation arranged.

In 1987 the Council started its Sports Register to set a calendar of events to be run under CAMS permits, open to members of all member clubs. This ran successfully for about 15 years.

In the 1988 movement began towards the creation of a WA car museum. The Council of Motoring Clubs was the moving force behind a tremendous amount of planning, negotiations and work. This culminated in an agreement in 1991 between the Combined Car Clubs Association and Whiteman Park - which eventuated in the Motor Museum of WA being established. This is now run by an independent Trust.

On the instigation of the Council in 1995, a category of Unique & Historic was created and added to the Code 404 Concessional Licensing by the Department of Transport, with a specific process involving the CMC for stages of approvals. The CMC has worked with the Department to develop the Code 404 Guidelines booklets.

In 2002 the name of the organisation changed to the Council of Motoring Clubs, but effectively operates no differently.

In 2005 a Technical Committee was established to assist with technical questions to do with Code 404 Concessional Licensing.

The successful annual Classic Car Show remains an enduring testament to all the work that many individuals and clubs have committed through the Council of Motoring Clubs over five decades.


History compiled by Paul Blank