We are Volunteers

The Council of Motoring Clubs consists of volunteers from many Western Australian Car Clubs. These volunteers put in many hours of work for the benefit of the motoring enthusiasts and bring events like the Classic Car Show, The Brockwell Run and Annual Quiz Night to life. They also liaise with the Dept of Transport on matters like Code 404, which brings considerable savings each year to the thousands of club members who have their vehicles on this concession.  These hours are given freely and are given because the people involved are passionate and dedicated to the cause. These volunteers never expect compensation for their efforts and many of you benefit, especially those receiving a concession on vehicle licensing.

Vehicle owners are saving hundreds of dollars per year on vehicle registration fees because of the dedicated volunteers in the CMC and it's member clubs. Do remember these volunteers all have regular jobs like yourself and many run their own business, yet still find time to administer the CMC and other car clubs for all to enjoy.

Next time you are not happy with one of these volunteers and want to criticise, stop and think "Are you willing to put your hand up and do their job?"

Also remember the occasional "Thank-you" and simple recognition of efforts, goes a long way to encourage and reward these volunteers.